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We are living in a digital era in which people are continuously subjected to targeted ads, web tracking, data collection. If you ask people on the street, at work, at home, or in class what privacy is, or what it means, you are normally met with blank stares. People have no clue. They are not even sure if it is important or not. You might even encounter people who claim that privacy is a bad thing. Only bad people require privacy. If you have nothing to hide, why hide? …

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Some time ago I wrote an article where I described — read it here — an easy way to get rid of advertisements on your smart TVs. Since I was recently struggling with Android apps containing pervasive adwares, I suddenly remembered this simple way to solve, in part at least, the problem: DNS change. Although, I’ve already briefly outlined what a DNS is in the above mentioned article, so I won’t repeat myself. Thus, this time I want to show you a couple of easy ways aimed to change your mobile devices’ DNS, without root permissions, in order to restrict…

You do need Kali Linux for work purposes, but you think that creating and using a virtual machine might be dispendious for your physical host. So, if you don’t need the Kali GUI, here is a solution to performance problems and waste of time: a Docker container. In this article, I will show you a fast way to get a Kali container. Besides, you will also learn how to build a self-updated image of Kali, that includes some useful tools, in order to create a customizated container.

Before proceeding

This is not a tutorial on how to install Docker, since you can…

I know you will think it’s completely obvious, but just let me say it:

Spam, spam everywhere.

Nowadays we all are invaded by a lot of ads when surfing on the net. Before showing you some simple tricks to turn this annoying facet around (including smart TV solutions), let me explain what risks you may run.

Spam can be used to disseminate computer viruses, trojan horses or other malicious software. The objective may be identity theft, or worse (e.g., advance fee fraud). Some spam attempts to capitalize on human greed, while some attempts to take advantage of the victims’ inexperience…

When reading this question people can be essentially split into two categories:

  • Dude, I always use a VPN when using a free Wi-Fi!
  • What does safety have to do with free Wi-Fi?

Well, if you belong to the former, I promise you’re going to change your mind (party at least) soon, reading this article. Just let me explain to the latter what we’re talking about.

So firstly let’s dive in saying free Wi-Fi are not safe, or rather they might be safe, but matter-of-factly they aren’t. There are a couple of things you need to know about safety concealing open…

Mario Raciti

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